Why choose us? There is a tremendous advantage to having your orthodontic office under the same roof as pediatric and general dentistry! In addition to the physical proximity, which allows for immediate cross-specialty evaluation, our staff works very hard to combine hygiene and/or pediatric visits with orthodontic appointments – we are working parents, too, and we know your time is valuable! Furthermore, our cross – trained staff is dedicated to providing the best preventative care during orthodontic treatment, so that cavities and white spots do not develop.

We are committed to providing excellent orthodontic care for ALL members of your family, including adults! Offering Invisalign and ceramic braces in addition to the colorful metal braces allows older patients esthetic options when having their teeth straightened.

Braces/Invisalign are treatments that you should only need once in your life, so it is important to seek orthodontic care for your child or yourself through an orthodontic specialist. Between Dr. Kane and Dr. Bernice, we provide over 40 years of orthodontic excellence to our patient families!